For Better Sports Betting, Amazon’s Alexa May Have The Answer

Online gaming companies are frequently the first to champion new technology, and sports betting is inspiring similar innovation.

Several sports betting books allow people to bet using Bitcoin and other digital currencies, and in response, cryptocurrency bets have surged. Online bookmaker Paddy Power has also experimented with the futuristic world of virtual reality sports betting.

The latest innovation such companies are embracing is betting technology that integrates with voice-activated apps like Amazon’s Alexa. Robotic tools will help bettors make more informed bets by offering detailed information and even “expert” tips, which will be especially helpful for in-game bets. This is a prime example of another way online options are spurring innovation in order to appeal to wider audiences.

Several innovators in the sports betting world are experimenting with Alexa products. Paddy Power began creating gambling-related “skills,” or voice-directed custom actions, for Alexa as early as last year. Alexa users with Paddy Power skills installed can receive betting tips, news bulletins, and gambling results with a simple voice command.

Digital media company Independent Content Services has created its own Alexa voice command under the brand Club Call. A user simply says “Open Club Call” to activate the skill and receive sports betting tips focused on British football teams and their odds.

In Australia, SportsBet is working on a similar technology for horses, greyhounds and harness racing. Their upcoming Alexa skill is already listed on Amazon, though it is not live yet. Customers will be able to query the event name, venue, race number, and time to jump for a variety of races occurring across Australia at any given time.

Mark Richards of Vegas Slots Online points out the appeal of Alexa is in its medium. Instead of pausing your game to look at a new screen, you simply use your voice.

“The big problem with in-play betting is that you have to stop watching the game to place a bet and, if you want to compare the odds from more than 20 different companies, that could mean not watching the game for a couple of minutes,” he said. “How much simpler to say, ‘Alexa, what’s the best price on Wolves winning this game?’”

With online gaming legalized in more and more places, it’s certain that the field is changing rapidly. Companies who don’t want to get left behind should be keeping tabs on the latest innovations and considering how they can offer the most modern solutions, too.