iDEA Founder Jeff Ifrah Talks With CardPlayer Regarding Anti-Online Poker Group Criticizing Advertising in Online Gaming Industry

iDEA Founder, Jeff Ifrah spoke with Brian Pempus at CardPlayer regarding an anti-online poker group who is criticizing advertising in the regulated online gaming space. Their claims come in the wake of FaceBook’s public turmoil over data privacy.

Specifically, as reported by Business Insider, the anti-online poker group is highlighting the fact that data-driven online casino ads can follow a person browsing the web, appearing on a wide range of sites. The Coalition is making the argument that the online casino industry needs to be curbed for this very reason, despite state regulations offering state-of-the-art safeguards to mitigate against underage play and problem gambling habits.

“It’s irony on steroids that a special interest group who claims to be concerned about data privacy is planning to wage a targeted campaign via Facebook in light of recent revelations regarding Facebook’s data privacy challenges,” Ifrah told Card Player.

Ifrah said that his group is surprised online gaming opponents “would try and tout Facebook…to support an initiative against a regulated industry like state-based online gaming that has witnessed no such challenges to date.” He added that Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada and Pennsylvania have proven they know how to regulate gaming “without compromising an inch on data privacy.” To date, there haven’t been any scandals to fall upon America’s regulated online casino markets.

The full article is available here.