Industry News of the Day for December 11, 2020

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  • New Jersey Law Journal, 12.10.20 – Early Innings: Initial Issues Being Litigated In Legalized Sports Gambling
    • With the expansion of legalized sports gambling (and the surge of money being wagered), an increase in sports gambling litigation will ensue. Here is a summary of legal issues that have arisen recently in such cases around the country.
  • WSN, 12.11.20 – Will US “Sports Bettors” Eagerly Return To Sports Stadiums & Arenas Post COVID-19?
    • Is the rising group of involved “sports bettors” eager to return to sports stadiums and arenas to focus directly on the action they paid to see and enjoy? Or might they view that as a potential risk distraction to the wagering action they prioritize?
  • iGB North America, 12.10.20 – Ready Player One
    • The suspension of traditional sports amid Covid-19 created a space for esports betting to fill, writes Cole Rush. Now the challenge is to maintain the vertical’s momentum in an especially fragmented regulatory landscape.

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