Industry News of the Day for July 17, 2020

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  • Gambling Compliance, 7.17.20 – US Lottery Directors Hopeful About Online Expansion Following Pandemic (subscription paywall)
    • Many gaming industry executives have expressed their hope since the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak that the effects of the pandemic would lead to more states adopting online sports betting and casino gaming, and that hope extends to lottery directors as well.
  • SBC Americas, 7.16.20 – Lovell Walker: Esports And Traditional Sports Bettors Are Separate Entities
    • If esports, as some suggest, has helped fill some of the void left by the pandemic-led shutdown in major sports betting activity, what does the future hold for the genre when those traditional sports return, as they inevitably will?
  • SBC Americas, 7.17.20 – Erika Nardini: Barstool Will Break Betting’s Algorithmic Nature
    • Bringing the inaugural SBC Digital North America Summit to a close this week Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool Sports, held a one-on-one interview with SBC’s US VP Sue Schneider. During the discussion she detailed her firm’s intent in reshaping all dynamics and standard practices related to sports betting.
  • SBC Americas, 7.16.20 – Maximize Data, Drive Engagement And Enrich The Sports Betting Experience
    • The topic of how data and technology can be maximized was brought to the fore at the SBC Digital Summit North America in a panel moderator by Ryan Knuppel, the Founder & CEO of Knup Solutions LLC.

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