Industry News of the Day for March 20, 2019



West Virginia:

New Hampshire:

  • Legal Sports Report, 3.19.19 – Almost Halfway Home For New Hampshire Sports Betting As It Passes House
    • New Hampshire is making a push to become the first state to authorize legal sports betting this year. H 480 was up for a vote in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, a proposal from Rep. Timothy Lang to authorize full-scale NH sports betting. Following some brief debate, lawmakers voted 269-82 to pass an amended version onto the Senate.
  • New Hampshire Union Leader, 3.19.19 – Legal sports betting looking like a sure thing, clears House vote by 3-1 margin
    • Legal sports betting in New Hampshire moved one step closer to reality with a 269-82 vote in the House to advance HB 480, with the ringing endorsement of Gov. Chris Sununu. Sununu already has $10 million in new revenue from sports betting in the state budget for 2020-21. In his inaugural address, he called on lawmakers to “Go all in and get it done.”
  • AP, 3.19.19 – New Hampshire House Approves Legalizing Sports Betting
    • The New Hampshire House has approved legalizing sports betting in the state. The House voted 269-82 on Tuesday to send a legalization bill to the Senate. Meanwhile, House leaders say they also will likely incorporate the provisions into their two-year proposed state budget.
  • NH NPR, 3.19.19 – Sports Betting Bill Passes N.H. House
    • New Hampshire is a step closer to allowing betting on sports. A plan to authorize up to 10 sites for sports betting easily cleared the New Hampshire House on Tuesday.

New York:

  • Legal Sports Report, 3.19.19 – New York Law Firms Agree With Senators: No Amendment Needed For Mobile Wagering
    • Armed with legal opinions from some of the top law firms in the state, New York Sen. Joseph Addabbo Jr. is making the case that mobile NY sports betting can be authorized without a constitutional amendment.
  • The Journal News, 3.19.19 – Andrew Cuomo pans proposal for new downstate casinos
    • Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday essentially ruled out a push by casino interests to speed up the process to allow new casinos in the New York City area. MGM, Genting and Sands have all been working the halls of the state Capitol in recent days to try to get state leaders to drop a moratorium on new casinos before 2023.
  • The Buffalo News, 3.18.19 – Online sports betting takes hit from Cuomo
    • The door to legalizing online sports gambling in the coming budget closed a bit more firmly on Monday courtesy of fresh doubts by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo about such wagering. The Cuomo administration has already declared that online sports wagering would be a violation of the state’s constitution.
  • NY Daily News, 3.19.19 – Cuomo not ready to gamble on New York City casinos
    • Don’t bet on the Big Apple. Gov. Cuomo warned Tuesday that the true odds of a new casino opening up in the five boroughs are not very good.
  • Times Union, 3.19.19 – Cuomo ‘dubious’ of plan to launch downstate casinos
    • Andrew M. Cuomo on Tuesday shot down a plan being floated by some major casino operators that could accelerate their entry in the New York City market.
  • ESPN Radio, 3.19.19 – Cuomo ‘Not A Fan’ Of Online Gambling
    • Recently, many states have been moving forward with allowing sports wagering and New York is expected to do so as well. Governor Andrew Cuomo came out in support of sports betting in New York so long as it was in either a Native American Casino or one of the four “Brick and Mortar” casinos in New York. Now the Governor is saying he doesn’t want to extend that to online gambling.



  • US Bets, 3.20.19 – First Full-Fledged Sports Betting Bill Introduced In Maine
    • Maine’s first true sports betting bill was filed this week. Following a shell measure that was introduced in January, the legislation, LD 1348, has an official House introduction date slated for Thursday, Mar. 21. It has 10 lawmakers behind it.



  • KXLY, 3.19.19 – Washington sports betting laws won’t stop fans from betting on their brackets
    • Every year when March rolls around, millions of people across the country break the law — and they might not even know it. It’s easy for us to get caught up in the madness of the NCAA tournament and forget that the traditional office pool, which seemingly everyone is in on, is technically illegal in Washington and Idaho.

Rhode Island:

  • Sports Handle, 3.19.19 – RI Mobile Sports Betting Clears Final Legislative Hurdle
    • In what could be considered a formality or simple redundancy, the Rhode Island Senate on Tuesday passed HB 5241, the mobile sports betting bill that mirrors S 37, which the Senate approved last month.


Sports League News:

Overall Industry News:

  • Forbes, 3.19.19 – Sports Betting Explodes During March Madness, And AGA Estimates $8.5 Billion Bet On NCAA Tournament
    • College basketball’s biggest event will be played across the U.S. at selected cities over the next three weeks. And according to data just released by the American Gaming Association, 47 million American’s will bet near $8.5 billion on the NCAA Tournament.
  • Legal Sports Report, 3.19.19 – Legal March Madness Betting Is Here, So Why Is Everyone Promoting Offshore Sportsbooks?
    • As March Madness descends upon the US, it’s handy to remember the federal Supreme Court lifted the ban on sports gambling outside of Nevada about a year ago. What the Supreme Court did not do, however, is legalize sports betting nationwide. Nor did it suddenly open up the market to the wide variety of illegal offshore sportsbook operators that have been serving the US for years.
  • ESPN, 3.20.19 – Why pro bettors have less of an edge in March Madness
    • “Bill” is a U.S.-based professional sports bettor who has been betting since the mid-2000s, the past seven years as a professional. He focuses primarily on college basketball. He visited with Chalk ahead of the 2019 NCAA tournament to share some insights on the college hoops market and the difficulty of winning in March.