iDEA Response to New York Times Sports Betting Series

The New York Times’ sports betting series, published Nov. 20, ignores the myriad of consumer protections and community benefits derived from legal and regulated sports betting and iGaming. iDEA Growth and its 33 members, which includes nearly every U.S. online gaming operator, work diligently to prevent organized crime, protect privacy, keep children from betting and offer responsible online gaming. Contrary to what the Times reported, a legalized and regulated sports betting and iGaming industry matters. It matters a lot.


Online sports betting and iGaming is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States. The alternative is highly accessible illegal sites that pose significant risks to consumers. Illegal online sports betting operators let in organized crime, allow underage betting and don’t pay taxes. They have zero accountability.


Meanwhile, legal and regulated online sports betting and iGaming operators are the strongest advocates for regulation, consumer protections and taxation. Regulated operators keep crime out, ensure children don’t bet and flag problem behaviors. They comply with regulations, are transparent and work collaboratively with sports leagues, lawmakers and governing bodies to continuously improve consumer protections and integrity in the sports betting industry. They heavily invest in the manpower and technology needed for these real, responsible gaming protections. Many responsible gaming innovations have had far-reaching benefits for the retail, financial services, entertainment, social media, health care, transportation industries and more.