Infographic: Half of Sports Betting Bills Fail to Mention Mobile

Since PAPSA was overturned, states are rushing to pass sports betting bills. However, nine bills that have been either passed or are pending before state legislatures fail to include language regarding mobile use.

As of 2017, web traffic originating from mobile phones outpaces desktop traffic. Fans watch live sports and buy merchandise all with a few clicks on their smartphones. It follows that fans may be interested in placing bets on the same devices. Unless states act to implement regulations which specifically address mobile sports betting, casinos may fill the void and end up in charge of setting the terms for this kind of wager.

State legislation needs to catch up with the technology. Out of the 20 states considering sports betting bills, half do not address the question of mobile betting. Two states (Mississippi and Rhode Island) have already passed laws without mentioning mobile at all.

It may not be too late for it, or the remaining nine with bills in the works, to reconsider.

Online mobile gaming is the present and future of the wagering industry. Take a look at the chart to see which states have considered mobile use in their passed or pending bills, and which states are lagging behind.  

Mobile Provisions For Sports Betting Bills 2018