iDEA Growth Advocates For Competition And Consumer Choice In DC Sports Betting Contractor Selection

June 25, 2019 – The Council of the District of Columbia will hold a public roundtable on June 26 to discuss the proposed contract with Intralot, Inc. to provide Sports Wagering, Lottery Gaming Systems and related equipment and services for the District of Columbia’s Office of Lottery and Gaming.

Jeff Ifrah, iDEA Growth founder, stated:

“iDEA Growth members advocate that the DC Council consider a competitive bidding process for the sports wagering and lottery contractor. History demonstrates that competition through a consumer-choice business model brings revenue and creates a robust industry. DC should be best positioned to reap the financial benefits of a thriving industry in which to allocate funds to appropriate initiatives.

We encourage the City Council to opt for an open process that will benefit consumers and give DC the opportunity for the greatest return on revenue.  In particular, we encourage DC to avoid delays in rolling out sports betting.  D.C. consumers want to get online and bet on sports this Fall and that can still be accomplished if the Council will address concerns raised by this contracting process.”

Since October 2018, iDEA Growth has advocated for an open procurement process through a multiple vendor system so that the DC Lottery will have access to the full scope of information available to make the best decisions for its online sports betting platform. By allowing diverse operators to present a range of options, the Lottery will be educated on all products available in the marketplace and the most up-to-date technology that can be implemented to fully protect the customers and the integrity of the games themselves.

Further, because of the unique demands of the DC law and the need to comply with federal law, it will be imperative that the DC Lottery contract with a provider that is equipped to meet these operational challenges; through a process that vets a multitude of competitors.


About iDEA Growth

iDEA (iDevelopment and Economic Association) is a 501c6 association which seeks to grow jobs and expand the online interactive gaming business in the United States through advocacy and education. The Association’s membership is comprised of national and international businesses with online interactive entertainment platforms operating or considering operating in the United States.