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Today, online gaming accounts for 10% of global gambling revenue.

40 States

Legalized by the first state in 1931, casino gaming is now enjoyed in 40 states.


From 19th century riverboats and speakeasies of the roaring ‘20s to Indian Casinos, recreational gambling has been an indelible feature of American society.

iDEA (iDevelopment and Economic Association) is an association seeking to grow jobs and expand online interactive entertainment business in the United States through advocacy and education.

Interactive online entertainment is a multi-billion dollar global industry providing customers with dozens of secure and regulated gaming options ranging from casinos with online betting operations, online poker, social and mobile games, sweepstakes, and lotteries.

The majority of businesses in this sector operate outside the United States due to legislative and regulatory barriers. Popular support is growing rapidly in the U.S. for expansion of online interactive entertainment.

Model Legislation

For lawmakers looking to implement sports betting in their states, iDEA provides model legislation. Click here to download the model legislation.

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We represent all sectors involved in the growing industry of internet gaming and entertainment, including operations, development, technology, marketing, payment processing, and law.

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