Join the innovators behind online gaming and betting in the U.S.

iDEA has emerged as the most credible advocate for regulated online gaming and sports betting in the United States, and we welcome you to join us in this important industry effort. Legislators and regulators have been trained to trust industry associations like iDEA, and in the states, it is an effective way for our collective voice to be heard and a cost-effective way to stay on top of what is happening in the online gaming industry.

Why you should become a member of iDEA:

  • We provide a strong and unified industry advocacy position with political representatives and business groups in the majority of states currently considering legalizing online gaming and sports betting - with more forecasted to join them.
  • We create powerful coalitions of like-minded business groups to make a strong economic case for online gaming and sports betting.
  • We provide legal advice and joint defense when needed.
  • We work directly with the news media, social media influencers, and other influential community groups to address local online gaming and betting issues.
  • We provide networking opportunities, newsletters, Daily News Clips, and forums to strengthen the online gaming industry’s messaging and its influence.

Direct benefits to members include:

  • Multiplying your investment in lobbyists, PR firms, and legal counsel.
  • Enhancing your reputation by aligning with an established, credible Washington, DC-based association that has a presence in all major states considering legislation to legalize online gaming.
  • Increasing your company’s political clout by turning one company’s voice into a collective shout.
  • Providing access to your industry’s leadership via meetings, conference calls, and lobbying activities.
For more information on becoming a member of iDEA, please contact Amy Knapp at