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Online gaming and sports betting bills by state, including mobile provisions.

These bill trackers will continue to be updated as online gaming and sports betting bills are introduced and passed across the United States.

Sports Betting
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Mobile Provisions

States that offer both in-person and mobile sports betting are maximizing their revenue potential and safeguarding consumers.

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Online Gaming
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Online casino gaming is legal in eight U.S states - Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. With the legal online sports betting boom in recent years, an increasing number of state legislatures are also considering ways to offer consumers legal / regulated iGaming options.

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This 2-minute video explains what online gaming is, how it works, where it's legal, and  how the industry works to keep consumers safe.

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iDEA's Responsible Gaming Initiative

See how we ensure the fairness of the game, the safety of
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