Smart iDEA Verified Legal Seal

In an effort to help consumers make smart choices and bet safely, iDEA Growth created the Smart iDEA VERIFIED LEGAL Seal to identify sites that are legal, regulated, contributing to our tax base and protecting our children and consumers. Legal online gaming and sports betting providers that display the Seal on their websites signal to consumers that the site is safe to enjoy.

Safe, legal and regulated online gaming providers compete against illegal, offshore platforms that don’t pay taxes, don’t comply with privacy or data security laws, don’t require age verification and don’t provide responsible gaming protections. They don’t even guarantee a payout if you win!

When consumers can’t tell the difference between legal and illegal online gaming and sports betting websites, everyone loses. Yet consumers are often led to the illegal sites that dominate search engines.

When the U.S. Supreme Court opened the door for states to legalize online sports gambling in 2018, legal iGaming providers were given the opportunity to provide safe, legitimate entertainment to consumers. But illegal sites continue to infiltrate the online gaming space. Unregulated online gaming sites undercut the regulated industry because they are free from the laws, taxes and business practices that create transparency and trust.

Like any legitimate U.S. business, legal online gaming providers abide by the rules that not only protect consumers, but also create jobs, generate tax revenue, and provide education and support to the community.

Look for the Smart iDEA VERIFIED LEGAL Seal on websites, advertisements, social media platforms and marketing materials to ensure you are playing on a legal site that protects you and all U.S. consumers!


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Smart iDEA Verified Legal Seal

  • Your identity and financial data are secure

  • Those underage can't play

  • Odds are fair

  • Bets are promptly paid out

  • Responsible gaming measures are in place

  • The site pays taxes and creates local jobs

  • The site is licensed in at least two states and abides by all regulations

  • Organized crime is kept out

iDEA's Responsible Gaming Initiative

See how we ensure the fairness of the game, the safety of
consumers and children, and the security of player information.