iDEA Growth Statement on Massachusetts Sports Wagering Agreement

Statement from Jeff Ifrah, Founder & General Counsel, iDEA Growth

“Today’s agreement is a huge win for Massachusetts consumers and major blow to the illegal bookies who have operated in the shadows for decades. We believed that a compromise was reachable because it has always been in the best interest of the commonwealth to regulate sports wagering. The final product is a good deal for Massachusetts because it corrals the illicit market and welcomes an industry that is accountable and raises new revenues for the Bay State. It’s an even better deal for residents who no longer have to travel to a neighboring state, or log into an offshore website, just to place a bet. Massachusetts has been on the forefront of promoting responsible gaming and providing services to protect problem gamblers. This new law will enable the state to focus attention and new resources on individuals who need support or suffer from addiction.

On June 8th, iDEA Growth sent a letter to the sports wagering conferees urging compromise on a number of key areas. I am pleased that lawmakers accepted our input, which was based on best practices from throughout the country. We look forward to serving as a resource to the Gaming Commission as they do the heavy lifting of making this new, legal sports betting market a reality.”