iDEA Offers State Lawmakers Model Legislation for iGaming

Sports betting is now legal in six states and online sports betting is legal in five. As states continue to roll out legislation to enact legalization, a series of best practices has emerged. Our members at iDEA Growth have been involved in the creation of legislation and regulation in all six states, not to mention additional states that are still undergoing the process.

Now, we’ve put our collective success together to combine the best practices we’ve seen during this process. Our model legislation serves as a guide for state lawmakers legislating online gaming and offers a place to start when they begin drafting effective legislation.

Our model bill is based on key learnings and provides best practices for states, particularly on how to replicate the outcomes and success of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. iDEA’s experience working with key legislators, head regulators and members of the executive branch in states to advise on the online gaming industry has informed these practical solutions and a roadmap to a more successful legislative process.

Visit our model legislation to learn more and download the PDF.