iDEA Submits Public Comment to Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board for Further Guidance on Skins Regulations

iDEA submitted public comment to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to seek further clarity on the intent of the Temporary Regulations related to skins. Specifically, iDEA requested that the Board provide additional guidance on:

• The webpage domain structure for interactive gaming operator licensees required under
Section 818(3)(c) and (d). Currently, the regulation appears to require interactive
gaming operator licensees to offer their products on webpages that are subdomains of
the certificate holder’s webpage. iDEA believes that this regulation will only lead to
confusion for players and instead suggests that these disclosures be made on the
webpages or downloadable content themselves;

• Whether interactive gaming certificate holders and operator licensees will be permitted
to offer their products on mobile platforms; and

• The intent behind Section 812.4 addressing whether customers may set up accounts
across multiple skins offered by a single certificate holder. As currently drafted, the
regulations appear to limit players to fewer interactive gaming accounts than skins.

A pdf of the full document can be accessed here.