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  • Play IA, 8.26.19 – Why Part Of The Iowa Sports Betting Law Is On Hold
    • For the rest of 2019 and into 2020, people who take advantage of legal sports betting in Iowa won’t have to worry about collections activity reducing winnings. An Iowa sports betting legislative delay saw to that.
  • KMA Land, 8.24.19 – How Big Will The Sports Betting Market Be?
    • Sports gambling got underway in Iowa earlier this month at the casinos which are already cleared to take bets. Iowa Gambling Treatment program manager, Eric Preuss , says there’s one big question about who will be making the bets.
  • The Gazette, 8.26.19 – Iowa Sports Betting Starts. As NCAA Rules Linger, So Do Some Campus Qualms
    • Iowa’s NCAA athletes — and everyone involved in training, coaching, recruiting and managing them — for decades have been largely barred from betting on sports. While that tradition could mute any potential fallout from a new state law legalizing gambling on collegiate sports, the change is putting campuses on notice for unintended implications.