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  • Sports Handle, 12.21.18 – ‘Get a Grip’: The Week in Sports Betting and Sports: The Time that Everything Happened 
    • Here’s the weekend Sports Handle item, “Get a Grip,” recapping the week’s top stories, and rounding up key stories in sports betting, gaming, and the world of sports at large. You may have missed them, and they are worth reading.
  • Sports Handle, 12.26.18 – State of Sports Betting in ’18 What it Looks like and Lessons to Learn 
    • Since the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in May, eight jurisdictions outside of Nevada have legalized and/or green-lighted operators for legal  sports betting. And the only thing that’s become clear is that one-size-fits-all law does not apply here.
  • ESPN, 12.21.18 – U.S. anti-doping agency eyes sports betting role 
    • The agency that spearheaded the takedown of Lance Armstrong has a new potential target: sports betting integrity.
  • Domain Name Wire, 12.26.18 – NBC registers domain names for sports betting
    • Is NBC going to offer sports betting? NBC registered a handful of sports betting domain names on Friday including and, as well as versions of NBCSportsBet, NBCSportsBets, NBCSportsbook and NBCSportsBetting.
  • Business Matters, 12.21.18 – Online casino trends for 2019 
    • The online gaming industry is like a city that never sleeps. The brightest minds in both business and tech have come together to create an entertainment platform that constantly reinvents itself through innovative ideas and incredible advancements in software and technology. Every year we’ve seen improvements across the whole spectrum of online gaming and 2019 looks set to take gaming to even greater heights.
  • The Sports Daily, 12.23.18 – States Predicted to Legalize Sports Betting in 2019
    • For many years, if sports bettors in America wanted to place legal bets on sports, they traveled to Las Vegas or Reno.
  • The Lines, 12.26.18 – Five States Expected to Make Big Sports Betting Moves in 2019 
    • Few embrace the “there’s no minute like the last minute” concept better than state legislatures.