Industry News of the Day for December 7, 2021

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  • Sports Handle, 12.7.21: Backed By Paul George, New App Aims To Streamline Sports Betting 
    • When you bet on sports, no matter who you are, winning is always preferable to losing. But while there are some bettors who value monetary gain above all other considerations, there are others for whom a string of wagers acts as a sort of social cartilage, a ritualistic way to stay in touch with far-flung acquaintances. 




  • Sports Handle, 12.6.21: Additional 2% Tax Proposed On Future Sportsbooks Within Chicago 
    • The cost for sportsbooks to do business in Chicago could get even steeper. The day before a city council committee is scheduled to vote on a retail sportsbook ordinance, a new clause increasing taxes on wagers placed in the city has been added to the language.