Industry News of the Day for February 10, 2020

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  • WOSU, 2.7.20 – DeWine Says Sports Gambling Coming To Ohio Soon
    • Ohio, unlike some other states, does not have sports betting. Ohio’s Governor says he’s convinced betting on sports will be a reality in the Buckeye State soon.
  • WKSU, 2.7.20 – Could Ohio Legislators Debate Sports Betting Ahead Of March Madness?
    • There are two bipartisan bills that would allow sports betting in Ohio but neither have had hearings since November. Still, Governor Mike DeWine said he expects something will pass soon.
  • Mount Vernon News, 2.7.20 – Two Bills Proposing Sports Betting In Ohio (subscription paywall)
    • By request, State Rep. Rick Carfagna (R-68th House District) provided the Mount Vernon News with an update on sports betting in Ohio, with 19 states – including the neighboring states of Indiana, West Virginia, and now Michigan – allowing wagers to be placed on football, basketball and other sports.


  • Gambling Compliance, 2.10.20 – Alabama Governor Tries To Kick Gambling Can Down The Road (subscription paywall)
    • Gambling legislation has returned with a vengeance in Alabama, so much so that Republican Governor Kay Ivey wants a study group to spend this year determining what should be done.


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