Industry News of the Day for January 18, 2019

Federal News:


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West Virginia:

  • Online Poker Report, 1.17.19 – West Virginia Online Gambling On Hold … For Now
    • Lottery officials in West Virginia will support bills to expand keno offerings and permit limited video lottery (LVL) distributors to operate retail locations. Casino-style online gambling, however, appears to be off the table for now.
  • NBC Washington, 1.16.19 – Sports Betting in Full Swing in West Virginia
    • Sports betting is definitely coming to D.C., possibly in time for baseball season, but in the meantime, if you want to place a bet on a ballgame, you can do so just 90 miles away in West Virginia.

New Jersey:


Sports League News:

  • NBC Sports, 1.17.19 – NBA ramping up security, education as sports gambling grows around United States
    • With sports betting cleared by the Supreme Court and more and more states in the USA making legal, the concerns about the integrity of the game increase as well. The NBA wants a cut of that sports gambling money — they’ve been asking for one percent, although that is a long process — and say part of that money will go toward not letting gaming become a problem within the sport.

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Overall Industry News:

  • The Sports Daily, 1.17.19 – Gaming Technology Predictions For 2020
    • The introduction of online gaming has made it possible to play games like live casino games, live quizzes, online FPS games, online sports games etc anytime, anywhere.