Industry News of the Day for March 11, 2020

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  • iGB North America, 3.9.20 – Virginia Sports Betting Bills Head To Governor
    • Bills that would legalise certain forms of sports betting in Virginia have moved forward to Governor Ralph Northam for signature, after securing approval in the state’s House of Representatives and Senate.




  • Associated Press, 3.10.20 – Eyeing Football Start, Tennessee Tweaking Sports Bet Rule
    • Officials overseeing the roll-out of Tennessee’s online-only sports betting program offered changes Tuesday to proposed rules over concerns about how to cap payouts, restrict certain types of bets and regulate advertising, as they mull the possibility of the first bets being placed during the upcoming football season.
  • Sports Handle, 3.10.20 – Tennessee House Tables Sports Betting Bill Amid Debate Over Controversial Rule
    • A Tennessee House subcommittee tabled legislation on Tuesday afternoon that could strip the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation of certain sports betting rulemaking responsibilities.