Industry News of the Day for May 21, 2019

iDEA Growth in the News:

  • Courthouse News, 5.20.19 – Worries Of Online Gambling Crackdown Spur States To Action (iDEA Growth founder Jeff Ifrah quoted)
    • One year after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized sports betting, the Trump administration is digging in for a new showdown with states that want online poker and other forms of internet gambling to also get a green light.

Industry News:


  • Online Poker Report, 5.20.19 – Could PartyPoker Be Coming To Nevada For Online Poker?
    • Could a new online poker room come to the Silver State? When it comes to online poker in Nevada, WSOP NV is for practical purposes the only game in town, and has been since 2014, when the first-to-market Ultimate Poker shut down. Today, there is technically speaking an alternative in Real Gaming, but its traffic is almost nonexistent.


  • Sun Herald, 5.20.19 – 7 Ways Sports Betting Is Changing Mississippi Coast Casinos, One Year After Legalization
    • Mississippi is the only state in the Southeastern Conference where fans legally can bet on football or basketball, and that’s made wagering at a Coast casino different than in Vegas or New Jersey.
  • Sports Handle, 5.20.19 – Like Rest Of Country, Mississippi Sportsbooks Feel Seasonal Pain
    • Just like the rest of the states with legal sports betting, Mississippi sportsbooks felt the pain of fewer big events in April, as state-wide handle dropped to $19.19 mm from $32 mm in March, according to the Mississippi Gaming Commission’s latest revenue report. Across the state, sportsbooks had an average hold of nearly 11 percent, resulting in taxable revenue of $2.58 mm.


  • Sports Handle, 5.20.19 – Tennessee Anticipates 3.5 Million Tourists Each Year Will Be Sports Gamblers
    • Tennessee is on the cusp of putting the finishing touches on an online-only sports betting bill, which will become law in a matter of days after the governor lets it go on the books without his signature. The state is eyeing a sports betting industry that will generate $254 mm in annual, taxable gaming revenue. That comes from a projection that the state’s 21-and-over population of 4.95 mm and about 3.52 mm of-age tourists will generate, on average, $30 in gross gaming revenue annually.



Overall Industry News:

  • Columbia Journalism Review, 5.20.19 – A Former ESPN Editor’s Big Bet On Sports Gambling
    • The casino floor of The Palms, just off The Strip in Las Vegas, is an ecosystem with separate spheres of activity. The pits are filled with tourists jockeying for spots at blackjack, roulette, and craps. Among the clamoring slot machines, patrons wave down cocktail waitresses. But on this Wednesday night, the real action is over in the sportsbook, where a growing line of people wait to place bets on live sports.