Industry News of the Day for May 27, 2022

Industry News

  • Legal Sports Report, 5.27.22 – Opinion: Ontario Sports Betting Needs Revenue Transparency To Succeed
    • Most jurisdictions have been reporting the previous month’s revenue numbers within two to four weeks of the close of business on the last day of the month. But Ontario decided that sports betting revenue numbers will not be released until after the upcoming election. This is data. While there have been several hiccups and a few early fines, on the surface, Ontario appears as though it has been successfully converting a fair number of former gray-market operators to the newly regulated market. But ON sports betting numbers are needed to get a true picture.
  • Play Illinois, 5.26.22 – How Competition Among Sports Tech Companies Affects Sports Betting
    • When sports betting first became a possibility in 2018, there was no way we could fully understand the impact it would have. It’s become a massive industry for both the sportsbooks themselves and the sports tech companies that provide them data. Across the United States, sports betting brought in $4.3 billion in revenue last year.


  • Play IA, 5.26.22 – Busy 2022 Legislative Session Could Lead To A Quiet 2023 For Iowa Gambling Policy
    • The president and CEO of the Iowa Gaming Association (IGA) told PlayIA to check back in the fall. But, he doesn’t anticipate as much casino-driven policy work in 2023. Ehrecke’s comments suggest the IGA may not make a hard lobbying push to add online casino game betting in 2023. Lawmakers considered an online casino bill early on in the 2022 session, but it died at the committee level in February.


  • Legal Sports Report, 5.26.22 – Nevada Sports Betting Handle, Revenue Hit By Calendar Slowdown
    • Sports betting in Nevada saw a similar dip in activity than the rest of the US in April with the sports calendar starting to slow. Handle was $582.5 million for the month. On the surface, that is a steep 32.5% drop from March, but that is not fully indicative of the market’s health. Year-over-year, handle is up 28.1%


  • Play Ohio, 5.26.22 – Over $1 Billion Of Ohio Sports Bets Hinge On Launch Date Scenarios
    • Ohioans will soon find out exactly when legal sports betting will arrive in the state. The Ohio Casino Control Commission will announce a universal start date on Wednesday for all operators to begin business.
  • Play Ohio, 5.26.22 – Opinion From Michigan: Ohio Has Nation’s Best Sports Betting Model
    • And like its famous college football program, the Ohio sports betting market is the envy of a lot of states, not just us to the north. The competition between operators will be fierce, the playing field will be level, and Ohio players will reap the benefits. State lawmakers even did a better job ensuring responsible gambling measures will be in place in Ohio.