Industry News of the Day for May 5, 2021

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  • US Bets, 5.4.21: A Wicked Awesome Update On New England Sports Betting 
    • In four of the six states that make up New England, however, sports fans who want to be able to wager on games legally do still have a little something to gripe about 
  • Sports Handle, 5.4.21: Gaming Industry Leaders Seek End To Federal Gaming Tax 
    • A wagering excise tax was first passed by Congress in 1951, imposing a 10% tax on sports betting revenue and a $50 “occupational stamp” for each person employed in book operations 
  • Sports Handle, 5.4.21: Sports Leagues Continue To Lobby To Force Sportsbooks To Use Their Data 
    • While New York and Florida have been stealing plenty of the “will-they-or-won’t-they-legalize-online- sportsbooks” chatter this year, Ohio legislators have been taking a workman-like approach to the issue, spending nine weeks on hearings from interested parties before crafting a bill.