Industry News of the Day for November 9, 2022

Industry News

  • Legal Sports Report: Opinion: Does Wire Act Still Serve A Purpose In Regulating Sports Betting?
    • Prohibitions on vice products have tended not to work and the Wire Act is no exception. Nonetheless, like the federal marijuana laws that remain in spite of widespread legal and medical marijuana, federal laws like the Wire Act continue to hang over the sports gambling market, both regulated and unregulated.


  • PlayCA: California Sports Betting Props Voted Down On Election Day
    • t’s official: Legal sports betting won’t be coming to California anytime soon. As predicted, voters rejected both California sports betting propositions at the ballot box on Election Day. And Proposition 26 and Proposition 27 weren’t just beaten. They were crushed.
  • Orange County Register: Sports gambling will be back on the ballot, and soon
    • Sports gambling lost, and badly. But not to worry, would-be online gamblers and folks who want to lay wagers in Indian casinos or racetracks: Sports gambling will be back on the ballot soon.


  • PlayIndiana: Indiana Online Casino Advocates Win Reelection
    • Indiana’s pro-gambling lawmakers were reelected during Nov. 8’s election. That bodes well for the state’s future chances at gambling expansion. Those lawmakers will take another swing at legalizing Indiana online casinos next year. In other words, their reelection is good news for Hoosiers that like to gamble.