Supreme Court Based Sports Betting Decision on States Rights, Not Morality

Fav Icon iDEA GamingAttorneys Jeff Ifrah and David Yellin of Ifrah Law, a founding member of iDEA, recently published a response to the Supreme Court decision in Murphy v. NCAA in The George Washington Law Review. Their expert analysis spells out the immediate impacts of this groundbreaking decision, and what it could mean for states considering the legalization of sports betting.

The authors examine the Court’s rationale for its decision to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), showing how the issue of state’s rights trumped opponents’ arguments based on the morality of gambling.  They also lay out their predictions for the aftermath of the decision: state legislatures must develop innovative regulations to manage new methods of sports betting, especially online; and sports leagues will continue to try to find ways to control and profit from sports betting.

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