Industry News of the Day for July 26, 2022

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  • US Bets, 7.26.22 – Sports Betting, Problem Gambling, And Suicide: Are Operators Doing Enough?
    • Researchers have consistently found that problem gamblers have a higher suicide rate than virtually any other group with addictive behavior. “If you’re experiencing gambling behaviors problematically, your risk of thinking about suicide and attempting suicide are hugely elevated, and that can’t all be explained by other things,” said Heather Wardle of the University of Glasgow, one of the UK’s leading problem gambling researchers. “There is a mechanism in there for gambling to specifically heighten these things. We don’t know exactly how this works, but there is a role that cannot be diminished.”






  • Play Ohio, 7.25.22 – Missing Disparity Study Could Delay Ohio Sports Betting
    • Despite a clear directive in the 2021 law that legalizes sports betting in Ohio, the state has not commissioned a required disparity study of the industry that some lawmakers say was intended to take place before licenses could be issued.

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