iDEA is the leading lobbying entity advocating for online gaming in the U.S.

iDEA is the only credible advocate for regulated online gaming and sports betting in the United States. We continue to expand our influence by sharing our proprietary research and draft model legislation for states, and holding numerous face-to-face meetings with key decision-makers.
iDEA members regularly testify at state and federal hearings, receive personal invitations to meet with state representatives, and are a go-to source for the media. iDEA is also an active participant in the U.S. Department of Justice's Wire Act case, filing a lawsuit against the U.S. DOJ in 2019, challenging the Office of Legal Counsel’s (OLC’s) reversed Opinion on the Wire Act.
As we continue to tackle fundamental issues that will affect the online gaming industry for years — maybe even decades — to come, our membership, and strong and unified voice, continues to grow.