Trade Association iDEA Supports Legalization of Online Gaming in Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pennsylvania has finally decided to follow the lead of states like New Jersey and Nevada in legalizing online gaming, with the hopes that this fast growing industry will help the state in its ongoing budget shortfall. Members of iDEA applaud this progressive step by the Commonwealth:

“Our organization firmly believes that rational regulation is key to the successful implementation of online gaming in the United States. Online gaming has been proven to deliver positive economic benefits in the states where it is legalized and regulated.

“While we applaud the legislation, we also urge lawmakers to consider future revisions to more align the tax rate on online slots (currently, 54%) with industry norms and rates levied in other jurisdictions that have achieved an optimal level of tax revenue generation and market sustainability, such as New Jersey (17%). Our members remain available to help facilitate discussions and analysis in this area.”